Attending to the wound of origin.


If you feel traumatised you are carrying a trauma around wherever you go.
Traumatic episodes in present time may be construed as though we’re looking at a present-time episode in isolation, but more often than not a recent traumatic episode is the opening up of a historic traumatic wound.
These traumatic wounds can be traced back to your formative years, a time when you were vulnerable, a time when you were not equipped to work out how to get on top of traumatic events.
In my work with trauma and conflicted behaviour I often point out that ‘infantile problems have infantile solutions’. What I mean by this is that the child, with a mind yet to develop a full enough adult perspective, will do their best to work out a solution with the mind which they have to hand – which categorically makes the solutions incomplete at the time – an incompletion which you and then carry into your adulthood.
In adulthood, your trauma of origin may for some time seem settled or buried and forgotten, but your traumatic wound remains susceptible for re-wounding.
In therapy we work with healing the wound so that it becomes less inflamed and less likely to erupt again.