Developing Anger Relationship


Every person is full of feelings, and one of these feelings is known as ‘anger’. Our anger serves an important function because it can tell us that something which is happening or has happened is not right: it is like a signal or a wake-up call, and an opportunity to look out for what needs to be attended to. Yet, we often don’t follow this up, missing the opportunity to make good use of our anger. Psychotherapy is the exploration of our relationship with anger so that we can relate to it differently.

Our relationship with anger goes back to childhood. Whatever culture we come from, society tends to impose how anger should be held and expressed according to the values of the family and the society in which we are located – we are conditioned to carry these modifications into adulthood.

I think about childhood and infancy, and how anger tends to be more acceptable the younger the child. By toddler-time most of us are encouraged or imposed on to reject our anger, which means that our anger is deprived of healthy development. In treatment, development of your anger relationship is supported in order for you to better live with it.

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