Becoming a more together you.


The method and philosophy of psychotherapy inherently has existential dimensions at its core whether we are explicitly working with your existence in the world or not.
Existential therapy addresses identity, change, decision making – all of which relate to one-another.
Whether you feel lost or are looking for answers, it becomes apparent that in an ever-changing world, who we are, how we may be perceived, what we need and what we want and what direction to choose also need to be supported as changing features of your life so that you can meet ever-changing environments and respond to the need of the moment.
To achieve this, we work with awareness. Awareness is different from so-called self-awareness.
Working with awareness includes working with your senses, your feelings and how you express your feelings and sensations to whoever you are in communication with – including yourself.
Whether you struggle with confidence, self-esteem, lack of happiness or direction, a repairing feature of these conditions is for you to get to know what you are made of so that you can be a more together you.