Exploring the woven fabric of your life-tapestry.


If you are depressed and reading this, I wonder how you feel inside now.
Since you have come as far as to access this page there’s already clues to how severe your depression might be; and I would want to know whether you feel dull, down, lacking in hope, or restless, frustrated, angry, furious or a combination of the above – and whether you go through all this at once or whether these different states and feelings fluctuate: rising and receding like a series of environmental tides.
Environmental tides, alas, are predictably timed; whereas depression tends to creep up on us until we at some point register that it has arrived.
I would also want to know whether you are living with your depression on your own or whether members of your family are also affected or are affecting your depression.
Where I am going with this is to say that we need to look at your particular depression together so that you can familiarise yourself with your depressive experiences, understand more about how people around you may be affected, and how your depression and other events in your life are woven together as part of your life’s tapestry, so that change can then be addressed.