Settling the anxious mind through interaction


Feeling anxious is part of going through life’s concerns and uncertainties.
Anxious feelings bring opportunity to get in touch with what’s troubling, and then something can possibly be done about the troubles which are now within awareness.
However, at times in life, anxiety feels too much; at which point we usually try to shake our anxieties off or pretend it’s not there.
The trouble with these approaches is that you end up supressing the vulnerable part of you that really needs for the opposite to occur: to be held and cared for, to feel secure. There are several ways to support your anxiety in therapy.
A method I work with includes developing your ‘contact-ability’. Because, contact constraints between people feeds the anxious mind as it keeps repeating feelings of inadequacies (social anxiety) and living in fear of what could be happening ‘out there’ in other people, places or times.
Communication with your environment needs to be worked with to shift your speculating about what’s happening socially to sufficiently knowing what’s happening socially. During this work the inner critic needs to be attended to and dealt with as well.
This is where internal contacting comes in; to connect with yourself in different ways from before.